HPAD2 Applicator


Thermalform™ HPAD2  is designed as an applicator tool for the window film industry. The HPAD2 uses a Thermal conduction heating process similar to a vacuum forming process. The contact area of the pad is 8″ x 20″ heated at a controlled temperature 20% hotter than HPAD1 covering double the surface area with even heat distribution. Shrinking film faster without the stress.
The heat pad element is flexible, water-resistant, and impact proof.  HPAD2 is designed to flex and contour the glass.  The shrinking process is immediate, as you move the HPAD2 simulating a hard-card action, allowing you to stroke away the fingers(wrinkles) to the edge of the film. When using the HPAD2 on a window film for the first time, you will immediately see visible signs of shrinking and waffling effect.